Do you want to know Why you are here and What is the purpose of your soul? Who is in charge of your life? Would you like a life of everything good? Are you ready to meet your real self and the life you deserve? Others have tried and found that their Life becomes a Quantity of Quality like an Endless Vacation.

For 50 years I researched, contemplated and tested the many powerful visions, dialogs and channeled messages that I received from The Source to answer the above questions. Now I have put together the puzzle that will give you a simple and clear picture of the connection between the Body, the Mind, the Spirit and the Planetary influence in your life.

This brand new concept will clearly demonstrate how the power of The Creator is transmitted to the body and what happens when the brain acts as the go between and edits the true task of the soul. 

In conclusion this information will be sure to give you the ability to live your life Healthier, Wealthier, Happier and Wiser!

My name is Antonio Mystic Bellissimo,

After 50 years of searching and analyzing, I have seen the color of sound and heard the sound of the light. I was born in Longi, a very primitive little Sicilian mountain village to a family of six children. We lived as primitive people in accordance with the seasons and the conditions of the land and what God gave us. At the age of 15 my family immigrated to the USA. In three days I went from living like in the age of Christ to the twentieth century. What a culture shock!!!

Is there a God and a soul? A soul mate?  What happens after we die?  How does our brain work and what secrets does it possess? What about Astrology?

These were some of the questions I was left with after Candy, in 1964, presented me with a 14 page, hand written Astrological Chart that propelled me to search for the answers to the above questions for the rest of my life. The reality of what I was reading and my curiosity forced the eyes of my mind to open to a whole new world of interests and possibilities......!

I met my Mentor Vladimir a true Spiritual/Monk/Warrior when I was studying acting in Hollywood. He was an actor, and the director of the Michael Chekhov Theater in Moscow. He had been invited by Mala Powers, the protégé of Michael Chekhov and the creator of “Method Acting”, to do some special actor training for the classes in New York and Los Angeles.

“You are not ready!  When you can see the sound and hear the light then you will be ready to know everything there is to know.”This was Vladimir’s answer to my logical, skeptical, mind whenever I would ask him very specific questions about life.

As I got to know him, I realized that he was definitely a very special person. He reminded me of Socrates, the man at the gas station in Dan Millman’s book “Journey of the Peaceful Warrior”. 

He was right after 50 years of riding the roller coaster of life on the path of wisdom and healing from the hard knocks of the school of life, I truly believe that I have answered the above questions and “I have seen the color of sound and heard the sound of light.”