The Peaceful Heart is a Dynamic Mystical Good Luck Charm that contains the life changing miraculous powers to heal the Mind, Body and Spirit of those that believe in it. 

This sacred geometrical figure brings the descendant, powerful, loving energy of God into the heart with open arms and helps the bearers to reach into their soul to find out who they are and why they are here.  

This Symbol and it's powers helped me to find the Unconditional Love of God and Peace, making my life a Golden Heaven here on Earth and inspired me.   

By wearing this Symbol you are acknowledging that you are either living or aspire to live by the Universal laws of human nature and you are reinforcing your devotion to God, unconditional Love and World Peace. 

Recommended Use:  Once a day or as often as needed for healing.

Important Mantra Instructions:


Put the Peaceful heart Mantra Symbol in the palm of your hand, and study its color shapes and forms until you have a clear picture in your head.  Clasp your other hand over it, meditate by deep breathing as you visualize it in your mind.  

When you have a real clear picture again in your mind without looking at it put it on.  Read the booklet very carefully at least two or three times it only takes 5 minutes.  As a Mantra, this can be a very powerful instrument in your life. 

When you are stuck in decision making, you are tired, confused, stressed out, can’t sleep or in any type of negative mood, just stop, sit down, close your eye and picture it in your mind. Focus, breath in very slow and deep, at least 8 times in order to allow as much oxygen to enter your body and let all of your muscles relax and let go.  

Do not allow the brain to step in, really try to keep the brain from thinking and I guaranty everything will become crystal clear and easy to take care of… you will feel like a new person after about 5 minutes. 

When the gold color of the circle has faded away, you have worn it long enough to have been absorbed in your system it will continue to work for you whether you chose to continue to wear it or take it off it will help you create miracles for you by just visualizing it.    

Note: This is a very inexpensive symbol, it is recommended to use with the string instead of the chain.