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All guidance that I give and exercises that I teach are insights that I have already experienced and developed.   They are part of my toolbox and work for me.  They also have worked for others, so there is a good chance they may work for you.  You just need to be open to trying them and finding out for your.  Remember, a brain cast in stone (if you have hard set opinions)  is hard to chizel so stay open to the endless possibilities in life and try it out for yourself.  Keep open to the likellihood that you can go to the next level.



My name is Antonio Mystic Bellissimo

Why are we here?  Do we have a purpose?  Is there a God and a soul?  What happens after we die?  How does our brain work and what secrets does it posse?  What about Astrology? 

These were the questions I was left with after Candy, in 1964 presented me with a 14 page hand written Astrological chart. 

As I was reading these pages I could not believe my eyes.  How could she understand so much about me by just knowing my birthday?  This was incredible, almost impossible I thought, but the truth was right there in front of me'  I could not deny it.  My curiosity and my desire to learn more about the reality of life made the eyes of my mind open to a whole new world of interests and possibility and thus I started a 45 year path of discovery, seeking answers to deep questions. 

I literally overnight became a sponge for knowledge. I read many self help books, went to psychic development classes, spiritual seminars, studied psychology and pondered about life day in and day out.  I explored from multiple  points of view, interested in infinite possibility. I dissected various schools of thought and looked at various belief systems both present and past studying trends and how things were formed. 

It has been said that “when the student is ready the teachers will come.  In my case that proved to be true.

In 1987 while studying acting, I met Vladimir Illian, a very enlightened Russian Mentor. Vladimir was the most incredible person I have ever met.  When my skeptical, logical mind would ask very specific questions about life his answer to me would be:  "You are not ready, when you can see the sound and hear the light then you will be ready to know everything there is to know.”

At times I thought: he is not from this planet…He is not human he can’t be! I saw him do some incredible stuff like stand on a scale and make his weight change just with his mind.  He floated in the air like a butterfly, and he could jump on a bed, and the bed would not even move.  His feet were like two very fast moving rockets.  He was very strong yet he did not go to the gym and he could kick higher that I have ever seen anyone else kick.  He also had been a member of the Russian Special forces in Afghanistan. He hated the Communist party.

One day in a restaurant, he started to eat the wine glass. He was chewing on the glass like if it was bread and there was no blood.  I said, Vladimir you can’t eat the glass, he said it’s not a problem if you know what you are doing... then the manager came over and made him stop……

As I got to know him I realized that he was a very special person He reminded me of Socrates, the man at the gas station in Dan Millman’s book “Journey of the Peaceful Warrior”. Vladimir was an actor, and the director of the Michael Checkoff Theater in Moscow.  He had been invited by Mala Powers the protégé of Michael Checkoff to do some actor's training in New York and Los Angeles.


Spiritually he trained in the Tibetan mountains with the Monks for several years.  He had gone through every facet of spiritual, physical and mental training including several types of martial arts. His senses were like an animal in the wild. He could read people and any object's energy even through a wall.  His spiritual graduation test consisted of being blind folded and identifying the types of at least ten trees by just hugging them and reading their energy.  He was a great teacher.

After spending about a month with him here in Los Angeles he had to go home but he invited me to come to Moscow and work with him. It was not easy to get a visa to go to Moscow because it was still a communist country but after six months of trying I found myself in Russia for 6 weeks.

My intensive training with Vladimir lasted about four years on and off.  At times it was very frustrating for both of us but at the end it was all worth it.  I learned many ways of meditation, relaxation, hands on healing, remote healing, manifestation, and the proper way to use the forces and the energy of the universe to benefit myself and others.


In addition to Russia, my thirst for more knowledge took me to Red China,  Japan,  Indonesia, Australia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Bahamas and many other remote places in the world.  I studied people and cultures, learning their ancient ways of healing and how to access their supernatural abilities.


I am thankful to all the incredible people and synchronicities that have graced my path.  I am especially thankful for all of the fantastic women and friends that through loving relationships helped me grow both spiritually and emotionally. They gifted me so many enlightening messages and suggestions.  They helped me to see the true meaning of life and relationships.  Each one of them mirrored a specific piece of my personality. Each one of them helped the eyes of my mind to open and see inside myself.  I really was thus prompted to make adjustments to bad habits and any adverse personality traits, becoming a more loving spritual person. They truly guided me to a path of less resistance, steering me to become the man I am today.  For this I am eternally greatful.    


It took me a wile to incorporate what I had learned into my everyday life. The more I trusted my instincts, my psychic intuition, and the helping hand of God, the more exciting and beautiful life became.


I applied my new insights when starting my restaurant and it was very prosperous and fun, but after a while I realized that my heart wasn't into balancing the work of running a business with many employees and pursuing a path of spiritual enrichment.

After being in the restaurant business for nine years the forces of the universe seemingly stepped in.  Many negative things stated to happen and this convinced me to make what I at the time thought was a very risky decision to sell my restaurant and change the path of life I was on.  Looking back, I now see that EVERYTHING TRULY HAPPENS FOR A GOOD REASON for I learned to have FAITH and believe that God was truly in charge of my life and God Knew exactly what I needed and when. 


Now I have spent the last Eleven Years putting everything that I learned to good use for myself and others.   I have helped many people that were lost on their path of life regain their self worth.

I have put energy into healing myself and others of worries, pain, stress, illness and other afflictions of everyday life. I have worked with Cancer patients, Parkinson patients and with many other human discomforts.  I have had contact with the spirits of people that have died and they have given me specific messages for their loved ones left behind (This includes the September 11 attack).  I have channeled and received messages from the masters of the heavens that have given me specific answers on the mysteries of life and death.

In the last 30 years I have written over 1000 pages of notes and have two huge boxes of hand written material that Chronicles my insights on various aspects of living life in accordance with the spiritual laws of the universe.  I am working on putting a series of books and videos together now that hopefully will finally give help to many people, providing them with the tools they need to live a healthier, happier, wealthier, and more truthful life,  making the world a better place for everyone.

Vladimir's predictions were right.  It took me along time to understand what he was trying to tell me but finally I understood them and their wisdom.  I have seen the color of sound and heard the sound of the light and believe I have now answered the deep questions of life for myself.  Most of all, I  have found my true self and purpose, and I bring this joy now to share it with the world. 

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